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Our Capabilities

Thousands of turned parts are produced daily in our facility. We produce turned parts of all types ranging from .093" up to 1.625" diameter and we routinely work with all types of materials.
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CNC Swiss Machining

Our machines have live milling, cross drilling, cross tapping, rigid tapping and subspindles that can perform secondary operations...

Material Certs & Processing

We offer material certification (e.g Heat Treated, UGIMA, Conflict-Free) and offer passivation and plating...

24/7 Lean Manufacturing

On a daily basis, we use "lean manufacturing" principles to manufacture super high quality parts...

Commitment to Quality

As a buyer, you need to purchase quality machined components at competitive prices while knowing delivery dates will be met to ensure your production runs efficiently. At Precision Turning Specialties, we will work closely with you to achieve this.
Quality control begins at the machine. Each machine has it's own dedicated inspection area equipped with all the measuring instruments needed for each particular job... (continue reading)