ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Our Commitment to Quality

At Precision Turning Specialties, we are commited to producing high quality parts that meet our customer's expectations.
  • Quality Begins at the MachineEach machine has its own dedicated inspection area, equipped with the measuring instruments needed for a particular job. During every shift, parts are regularly check to ensure they meet the specified requirements.
  • In-House Quality LabOur in house quality lab is equipped to verify even the tightest of tolerances. Before production, we require each part to be inspected by one of our quality experts.
  • Inspection EquipmentTo ensure consistent quality, our lab and machine work stations are equipped with all the necessary measuring equipment:

    • Keyence IM-Series Visual Inspecion System
    • Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscopes
    • Optical Comparators
    • Mantis Stereo Viewers
    • Height Gages & Indicators
    • Micrometers
    • Pin & Thread Gages

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